It’s fair to say that Barramundi don’t exactly jump into the boat, they are fussy feeders and often change their minds on what they like. Barramundi Fishing in the Northern Territory is predominantly lure fishing,with a mixture of hard bodies and soft plastics, either on spin or baitcaster gear loaded with 20 – 30lb braid and 45 – 80lb leader.

So what do I need in the tackle box to cover most situations?

You need a range of Hard Bodied and Soft Plastic Lures. The hard bodied lures range in size, depth and colour, however most are hard bodied with two treble hooks. The average price is $15 – $20 per lure, so getting the basis covered can be expensive. Most important is to have a range of lures that cover various depths so you can get within that striking range of where the Barramundi are positioned. Then there is the colour of the lure to consider, popular colours that work are Gold, Green, Silver, Purple, Pink and/or a combination of these colours together.

Here are some popular choices:

Hardbody Reidys B52 – Gold/Black, Green/Black, Silver/Black Bombers – Gold, Tiger Lily, Olive Classic 120 – Guns n Roses, Elton John, Blue Bobby Dazzler Soft Plastics Reidys Rubbers – Red head, Pink head, Rainbow Squidgies – Drop Bear, Gold/black Kokoda Shad – Vibe Vibe – Samaki Vibe – Jackall Transam Vibe – Zerek Fish Trap

When do I use each one?

The million dollar question ! Which one, and When ? There’s no hard and fast rule here, Trolling Bombers & B52’s can work a treat in the mouths of the big rivers on the neap tides when the water is clean, they’re also great for casting in the coastal creeks in the run off. Casting soft plastic rubbers into creek mouths is also a tried and tested method or dropping vibes on fish you’ve marked up on the sounder is a rewarding way to put some scales on the deck.

Where to buy your lures?

Best to buy your Barramundi tackle in the Top End, you will find the biggest range and the right advice from local fishos at the tackle shops. Check out Fishing and Outdoor World in Darwin City, Craig’s Fishing Warehouse in Berrimah or Tackle World in Coolalinga.